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We’re Qualified Professionals

As a professional hoof trimmer, I take pride in my profession and invest considerable time studying and training in best-practice and emerging methods of hoof care.

I trained in the UK with the NACFT (National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers), an organisation that promotes the improvement of hoof care in cattle. I was accredited in the the 5-Step Functional Method.

This year I’ll be traveling overseas to train in the White-line Atlas Method,to broaden and deepen my knowledge of cattle hoof care, and learn best practices from other trimmers from around the world.

We Keep Costs Down

We aim to keep costs as low as possible for the farmer. Generally, there is a minimum of 12 dairy cows required for a local visit, but as the distance from our base increases we my ask for those numbers to be increased.

We will always trim both rear feet on every animal, we will happily trim all four when required and/or requested. 

Costings are based on: number of cows and hooves, travel time and the amount of hoof blocks and bandages used, if any.

From time to time we will trim lesser numbers e.g. lifestyle block pets and those costs are negotiated on an individual basis and are higher than standard dairy rates.

We Care About Animal Welfare

We use the latest modern Ten-Napel hoof crush to hold and secure the cow/bull for trimming. This provides a safe, secure environment for both the animal and the operator.

When the animal’s stress is kept to an absolute minimum, it allows for the job to be conducted quickly and effortlessly. On farm we will always require one member of the farm team to be available to help with cow-flow. All the trimming details are recorded about each individual animal and presented to the farmer on job completion.

Hoof Trimming Services
Hoof Trimming Services

Hoof-It is a cow hoof trimming service that can help prevent and treat lameness issues in your herd. Having shaped and rebalanced 100,0000’s of hooves over 10+ years, we have the experience and knowledge to skilfully trim hooves, while diagnosing the cause of lameness issues.

There are over 20 different types of hoof lesions and ailments, so it takes a great deal of experience and knowledge to learn about each one. Because hoof trimming is all we do, we’ve mastered our skill well. With the knowledge and experience gained over the years working on many thousands of hooves, your cows are in good hands with our expert team. We can identify which infections to treat, and promote faster healing, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Lameness, as well as causing the cow unwanted pain and suffering, can lead to body condition loses and milk production loses. It may also take a lot longer for the cow to get back in calf, all these factors greatly affect the profitability for the farmer. So preventative hoof care may be better and more cost effective than cure.

Faster, Safer, More Cost Effective Service

Prevent more serious health issues in your herd with regular hoof trimming from professional hoof trimmers.  Keep costs down and minimise stress to your animals, by getting the professionals to do it.

Our mobile service is as safe and stress free as possible for your cows. With each cow securely held within a crate, they can’t injure themselves. What’s more, by lifting and holding the hoof in place, we can carefully inspect each one. If there is a problem, we can take the time needed to attend to it in more detail; so it heals faster and better.

Why choose Hoof-It?

Our team use purpose-built hoof trimming crushes, which enable a greater rate of cows per hour. They also make trimming easy as they hold each hoof securely, enabling us to give it the attention to detail needed for accurate diagnosis and careful trimming. For more reasons why you should choose Hoof-It, check out this section of our website.

Hoof Trimming Crush for the Farmer

Check out our purpose built hoof trimming crush in action.

Ekochute Hoof trimming Crushes are the end-product of years of hands-on hoof trimming experience combined with high quality manufacturing with simplicity taking the forefront.

Prevention of lameness is critical in improving farm profitability and cow welfare. The financial impact of lameness is estimated in excess of $350 per lameness case, for the average cow and farm. We believe this cost to be higher in herds that are above the national average.

We keep accurate records of each and every cow, so you have all the information you need to share with your vet/nutritionist/adviser and to work out costs per cow.